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    +How much is the cost to run a ad on wotlog?
    We have put it under different categories, depending on the category that you choose, and the number of our platform that you wish to run your ad. we have still made it very cheap to run an ad on our platform.
    +How long would my ad run on wotlog?
    Ads runs as per the duration of the plan choosing by you, you can always choose to run an ad continuously, you can also choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan
    +Can i run my ad run pre made ad on wotlog?
    Yes of cause, if you have got an ad that is already made, you can simply upload it to us and will run it on the chosen platform.
    +Can ad be made by the wotlog team tailored to my needs?
    Yes of cause, we will have a member of our team work with you, and create the most amazing ad tailored to your needs.
    Please send us any question that you might have that is not listed in our frequently asked question That way we can make things much more easier for everyone Thank you, from the wotlog team!